Do you hear your motor turning over more and more slowly?

Well, maybe it’s time to have your battery, and alternator checked. Our trained staff of automotive specialists (and high school kids on break) can easily perform an in-depth assessment of your car’s electrical system. The test takes just minutes, and best of all it’s free.


They call these batteries “Legend” for a reason: Gobs of power!


FVP batteries offer value and performance, with a five-year free-replacement warranty!


Lead-acid batteries are dangerous. Recycle your old ones with us.

In the event you need a battery, chances are we have the one you need right on the shelf. We have several manufacturers to choose from, which offer such a dizzying range of prices, warranty, and reserve capacity that even we’re confused. But together I’m confident we can find a battery that fits your car and your budget.

Most all battery prices also include installation and proper disposal (recycling) of the old unit.